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Commissioning Illuminated Artsworks

I am fascinated with the history of Family and Indigenous traditions from around the world! Mandalas were often used as both a teaching and meditative practice. In Tibetan, Buddhism monks create elaborate mandalas in the sand. Flower Symbolism can be found in many master paintings of the Renaissance and is a tradition in the United Kingdom's Fairy Lore. The circle represents perfection and complete symmetry that is endless. The circle also has been a symbol viewed by many as the “Circle of Life.”


The circle or mandala shape is used as a symbol of marriage. The history of the wedding ring goes back to Ancient Egyptians. Archeologists made discoveries that the wedding bands on the skeletal remains at the burial sights of the ancient pyramids. The circle of the ring has long been a symbol of endless love, the human heart, and the shape of our planet earth. Symbolism is in all my work to connect to the story that shapes the details of our history and the human spirit!


Medium and Art Services

My medium of choice is Egg Tempera paints and 23 karat gold leaf details. I also combine graphite pencil alongside gold leaf in my illumination work as well. The fine art natural Egg Tempera paints of the Renaissance are very similar to the naturally mixed paints of today. They consisted of all-natural materials such as egg yolk, egg whites, wildflowers, ground minerals, and nature's own earth pigments. The illuminated manuscripts resulted in stunningly beautiful paintings with Egg Tempera mixed into the color grounds alongside the 23 karat gold leaf and have become my passion.


Art Surfaces

For creating all custom illuminated artworks I use the finest archival watercolor papers, True Gesso boards, and traditional parchment or vellum. I will help you select what surface will suit your individual needs at the time of your Design Consultation.


Commissioning Illuminated Art

I love working with my client to help them celebrate and commemorate the special events in their lives inspired by your family's history, culture, spiritual connections. Costume illumination can commemorate the date, names, and favorite locations I will be happy to commemorate with an illuminated work of art that you can enjoy for years to come.


Commission Ideas:

  • Illuminated Manuscripts

  • Illuminated Letters

  • Illuminated Letter Mandalas

  • Family and Dog Portraits in Illumination or Magic Realism Style

  • Wedding Mandalas

  • Award Certificate

  • Wedding Vows

  • Wedding Certificates

  • Family Trees

  • Coat of Arms


Commissioning Policy:

  • 30-minute free consolation over Phone or FaceTime

  • 50% down 50% upon completion

  • Artist/Client Letter of Agreements and Cost Summary

  • Preliminary Sketch Review and Approval

  • One midway through review of artwork.

  • Finale Approval Upon Completion 30 minute free over Phone or FaceTime

  • Payment is due upon completion before shipping.

  • The artwork is insured packed and shipped.

  • Tracking Information via email to the client

  • Local Consultation within Orange County Area available for extra consultation fee including travel costs.


Correction VS Change

The Details of a preliminary consultation and sketch are an intricate part of creating costume work for all my clients. All the questions or concerns will be addressed during the consultations.


Corrections that take a day or two can be considered part of the creation process with simple fixes. The mid and final 30-minute consultation will zoom in on all those details.


Changes can include everything from either adding or subtracting to any part of the commissioned illuminated artwork during the process of working together. Any additional changes that defer from the original agreement will be subject to immediate renegotiation and additional charges.


Please know that it takes time to research and create custom illuminated Works of art. The archival authentic Renaissance materials are all part of this amazing process.

The price depends on size, materials, and the complexity of the individual project.


  • Custom Illuminated Letters start at $450

  • Custom Illuminated Graphite Mandalas start at $700

  • Custom Illuminated Mandalas for a wedding gift or a spiritual wildlife mandala start at $2000

  • Custom Illuminated Pet Portraits start at $600

  • Custom Magic Realism Pet or Family Portraits start at $1300 for a single figure and $2500 for 3 or more in a portrait painting. 


Please follow this link for more about SHIPPING and FRAMING


For any further questions about commissioning a custom work by Artist Judith Haron please click here.

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