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Price Guide Line


Level 1: $350 to $900. these custom Illuminated Works can be created in, Graphite Pencil or Egg Tempera paints. Small paintings from can feature details such as a favorite flower or garden. Custom raised gold initials or an illuminated letter with a favorite animal Totem, is a great gift idea for a baby shower or birthday present. A Cameo (face to shoulder) Pet Portrait with a favorite flower, or a pet portrait with a floral background will a great way to honor your best friend. This will include a range of sizes between  8" x 10" , 9" x 12" inches, to 12"x 12".


Level 2: $900- $1500. 

To include: Mediums:Egg Tempera Paints with small amount Genuine Gold Leaf detailed accents. A Coat of Arms, Award Certificates with A choice of Illuminated Manuscript or Magic Realism Style Pet Portrait paintings on water archival color paper.  The Ancestry of your family and the origin of your pet can help create the story with detail that are more meaningful. This is still a smaller work no large then 12"x 16" to 14"x 16". 


Level 3: $1500 - $2500. These custom works will include Egg Tempera and Genuine Gold Leaf. Larger Coat of Arms with a medium amount of details to a more complex design. Genuine gold leaf in raised details and hand scribed calligraphy. Custom works in Illuminated Manuscript or Magic Realism style are both welcome! Portrait of you with your Pets, Children, or some of your favorite totem animals are amazing! Choose from archival True Gesso Panels, 300lb archival watercolor papers, or parchment Valium for the surfaces of the custom art work. This will include a range of sizes between 11"x 14" to 16"x 20".


Level 4: $2500 to $5000. Mediums: Archival Egg Tempera, Gold Leaf,Gold Leaf raised custom Lettering and Calligraphy. All high end work will be on on vellum or True Gesso Board with Gold Leaf and Decorative Boarders, Larger Coat Arms, Family Trees with with your families historical details, portraits in full color, and calligraphy are welcome. Details may include architecture, flora, fauna, maps, and wildlife. Details from your family’s Ancestry or the pets place of origin, is an exciting way to tell the narrative of you and your family! We will create a conversation piece that will be personal to you! This is a larger work with sizes that range from 16" x 20" to 18" x 24".


Level 5: $ 6000 and Up.These are very elaborate and time consuming.They require research that will lead to the historical and personal accuracy that will require more information from both of us! These also my include custom bound Manuscript works that have to be sent out to book binders and of course the larger works that are the center piece of your grandest room. You get the idea!! The larger, grander, elaborate, and more complex the more the cost. Sizes of these custom art works range from 18"x 24" to 20"x 36".


Pricing always amounts to Time,Materials, and Complexity of a project. Let me know what level 1 through 5 that works best for you,


Details :When deciding the details my best advice is to start with the top 3 for smaller works and 5 must haves for medium to larger works. This keeps the original from getting too busy! Lastly I need at least 3 of your clearest photos for rendering your Illuminated Manuscript or Magic Realism Custom Works. I will guide you through the entire process!



Consultation Included 

Pay by Debit or Credit Card

50% Down

25% Non-Refundable

50% Upon completion.

Concept drawing to solidifying concepts.

Review Works Midway thru for small color corrections.

Payment of Balance upon completion.

Shipping, Insurance, and Packing Materials Extra

Any significant changes that differ from original once mid way through maybe subject to new additional charges. I will be very through during our initial consultation, so no worries,


For more information on booking and commissioning a one of a kind Illuminated or Magic Realism Art Work please contact Artist Judith Haron at PH:(949)306-8090 EM:

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