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“B The Brown Pelican”

Is offered as a Fine Art Archival Paper Giclee Print

Printed on a 12 Color Printer, with 200 Year Archival Ink.
Material: 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper (smooth)
Paper Weight: 230 GSM
All Prints have a 2" White Border around the print.

Free Shipping Included
with Purchase of a Fine Art Giclee Paper Print


“B The Brown Pelican”

Image Description: Brown Pelican and Bird of Paradise Flower
Conservation Description: California Brown Pelican was placed on the endangered species between the 60s and 70s. DDT was coming out of the mine line sewers into the ocean contaminating the fish they were eating. DDT affected the reproduction system so badly that the birds eggs were so thin that they would break before they hatched.Since the ban of DDT in 1972 to 2001.Since then Brown Pelicans colonies have increased to over 770 nest per year year on Santa Barbra and Anacapa islands.This is great news leading the Brown Pelican to be officially taken off the Endangered Species list in 2009.
Flower Featured:  The Bird of Paradise flower one of the most beautiful flowers that grow in abundance throughout California and other tropical coastal areas.This tropical flower was named by Sir Joseph Banks who was the director of the Royal Gardens in the United Kingdom . He named the flower after Queen Charlotte who was the Duchess of Mecklenburg Strelitz as a birthday gift.


For More Information click Contact Artist Judith Haron.

B The Brown Pelican - Paper Giclee Print

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