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Medium: Graphite Pencil, with 24 Kart Gold Leaf on Archival Watercolor Paper

Size: 12 x 12 on Archival Watercolor Paper

Frame: 13 x 17 Black Gallery Frame/Matt/Museum Glass


Image Description: Bengal Tiger (Endangered)


Conservation Description:

Bengal Tigers are an endanger species found in India with smaller populations in Bangladesh, Nepal, and China. There are less than 2500 Bengal tigers in the wild. Treats due to habitat loss and fragmentation have been cased by infrastructure and urban land development. Fragmentation has resulted in a smaller range of habitat for the Bengal Tiger. This means that there is less territory to breed, hunt, find cover, and establish their own territories. The fragmentation has increased the human conflict the two communities have been encroaching upon the other in prime lowland habitats. The infrastructure issues and lessening the occurrence of fragmentation is a key to restoring Bengal Tiger’s populations. Many of the habitats have indigenous tribes that value the integrity and spiritual connection to the sacred Bengal Tiger.


Special Bengal Tiger preserves in Northern India and Southern Nepal have composed 11 new protected areas in dry forests and tall grass savanna’s of 19 square miles of landscape. The goal is to employ key refuges to maintain and monitor this population so they feel they have a vested interest in the conservation of the Bengal Tigers.This has been very successful plan to reducing poaching and stronger habitats. The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has partner with Leonardo DiCaprio to form a global campaign called, “Save the Tigers Now.” There ambitious goal is to build political, financial and public support for all endangered Tiger populations by the year 2022.


For more information on helping Tigers go to and for more information.


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Bengal Tiger Mandala ~ Original Artwork

SKU: 010-BT
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