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12" x 12" Canvas Wrapped Giclee Art Print

White Ground 

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Description: “Dreamer,” by Artist Judith Haron

I began to create “Dreamer,” with The Beatles, “Imagine,” lyrics by John Lennon. The Lyrics by John Lennon I choose from Imagine say “You may say that I am a Dreamer, but I am not the only one.” was one of my father’s favorite songs. The center tree symbolizes a Tree of Life. In the center of the tree is adreamcatcher with a Laguna Beach landscape of Main Beach. All seeing eye of mother nature in the center of the dreamcatcher is hoping for the Earth’s precious bird species to be safe at last.


Conservation Description: Many conservation efforts are being championed to educate the public and help preserve the natural nesting sites of the Endangered Birds of California. The educational campaigns have helped. The most Endangered shoreline bird is the “California Least Tern.” The San Diego Audubon Society helps by working with the Fish and Wildlife Services by posting signs to detour Beach goers away from shoreline bird’s nests during mating season.


Birds in order clockwise starting with The Great Blue Heron at the top of “Dreamer.” Featuring California's most Endangered Wildlife Birds.


1) Great Blue Heron

2) San Clemente Sage Sparrow

3) Gilded Northern Flicker  

4) Swainson’s Hawk
5) Western Snowy Plover
6) Gila Woodpecker
7) California Least Tern
8) California Clapper Rail
9) Willow Flycatcher
10) Sandhill Crane
11) Least Bell’s Vireo!
12) Coastal California Gnatcatcher


Wild Flowers adorning “Dreamer”


California Poppy Orange (State Wildflower) , White Meadow Foam, Baby Blue Eyes, Seaside Daisy, Orange Wind Poppy, Pink Monkey Flower.

Dreamer Mandala - Canvas Wrapped Gicle Art Print 12" White

SKU: 002-DM12CW
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