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“Heron Galaxy”

Is offered as a Fine Art Archival Paper Giclee Print

Printed on a 12 Color Printer, with 200 Year Archival Ink.
Material: 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper (smooth)
Paper Weight: 230 GSM
All Prints have a 2" White Border around the print.

Free Shipping Included
with Purchase of a Fine Art Giclee Paper Print


“Heron Galaxy”

as an artist when choosing the themes of our paintings 10 two have seems I’ve got a more serious nature. “A Heron Galaxy,” Is a play on my last name that takes a satirical vantage point. Well doing art Exhibitions for this particular painting people often ask “ Where do your ideas from?” and“What is going on in that artist brain of yours?” My answer to that question is by saying with a twinkle in my eye, “ A whole lot of space with infinite ideas,” Conservation Status: Herons live in both freshwater and saltwater habitats, and also forage in grasslands and agricultural fields, They are considered status is considered stable and has had a steady increase in population since 1966 with the removal of DDT used in farming in the US. Still, threats to the species continue to be nest disturbance, water pollution, habitat destruction.


For More Information click Contact Artist Judith Haron.

Heron Galaxy - Paper Giclee Print

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