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12" x 12" Wrapped Canvas Giclee Art Print 

White Ground

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California Species Featured in “Peace on Earth:


Peace on Earth,” features 29 of California’s most endangered or threatened wildlife species. The “ Peace on Earth,” Wildlife Illuminated Mandala by artist Judith Haron,features the natural flora and fauna which grace the natural habitats of California.


Conservation: The California Endanger Species Act was signed into action by 1970, leading the way in protecting  endangered wildlife and their habitats.This piece of legislation protects well over 2,300 within the U.S that are critically endangered to near threaten The ESA of the federal Government was mandated in December of 1973.Together they strive to protect well over 2,300 Endangered Species and also protects over 159 foreign species just outside of US.


The CESA along with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife protects all native species and makes sue all laws plus regulations are followed. There still needs an improvement to widen the range of some species and establish more partnerships with private landowners.Some species are declining despite the protection to save the range of their habitats.It is not as simple as saving their habitat but also protecting their food sources. There is still room for a grate deal more.


Peace on Earth” California Endanger and Threatened Species List : Ocean Mammals :Orca/Killer Whale,Humpback Whale, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Bottle-nose Dolphin,Stellar Sea Lion  Reptiles: Green Sea Turtle.Fish:Atlantic Salmon,Great White Shark.Mollusk: Chamber Nautilus, Cnidarian: Pacific Coast Jelly Fish. Insects : Laguna Mountain Skipper (butterfly), Mission Blue Butterfly, Checker Spotted Butterfly,

Calliope Silver Spotted Butterfly, Honey Bee and American Burying Beatle..Amphibian: California Tiger Salamander, Shoulder Band Snail Crustaceans: Purple Crab Birds:California Condor,Brown Pelican,Northern Spotted Owl,Coral Reefs: Stag Horn Coral  Featured Wildflowers:  Seaside Daisy, Pointed Reyes Meadow-foam, Baby Blue Eyes, Blue Eyed Grass, California Poppy (State Wildflower).

Peace on Earth Mandala - Canvas Wrapped Giclee Art Print 12" White

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