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“Red Flame Top Cat”

Is offered as a Fine Art Archival Paper Giclee Print

Printed on a 12 Color Printer, with 200 Year Archival Ink.
Material: 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper (smooth)
Paper Weight: 230 GSM
All Prints have a 2" White Border around the print.

Free Shipping Included
with Purchase of a Fine Art Giclee Paper Print


“Red Flame Top Cat”

The Red Flame Top Cat is a Magic Realism dreamscape with a family of Red Flame Silver Point Siamese with red Tulip hearts. The color “ Red,” symbolizes the action a flame as it is capture by the. wind.
The atmosphere surrounding this family of majic realism cats is representing the frenzy of a playful kitten through the whirling top and a fevered Tulip to show the calm before the storm.
A soft flower is placed where their hearts are as a symbol to show how we love our pets unconditionally as part of our family.


For More Information click Contact Artist Judith Haron.

Red Flame Top Cat - Paper Giclee Print

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