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“Royal Pug”

Is offered as a Fine Art Archival Paper Giclee Print

Printed on a 12 Color Printer, with 200 Year Archival Ink.
Material: 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper (smooth)
Paper Weight: 230 GSM
All Prints have a 2" White Border around the print.

Free Shipping Included
with Purchase of a Fine Art Giclee Paper Print


“Royal Pug”

Royal Pug calls attention to the ancestral origins of this very popular breed. They were prized by the Ming Dynasty Emperors of China. They were kept in luxury and guarded by royal soldiers.
The history of the origin has not been detailed, however China is the earliest know source. Pugs were often painted by famous artists of the royal families of Europe. They are a personality plus breed and make great lap dogs, The decorative boarder is inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of Asia.


For More Information click Contact Artist Judith Haron.

Royal Pug - Paper Giclee Print

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