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“Swift As the Wind”

Is offered as a Fine Art Archival Paper Giclee Print

Printed on a 12 Color Printer, with 200 Year Archival Ink.
Material: 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper (smooth)
Paper Weight: 230 GSM
All Prints have a 2" White Border around the print.

Free Shipping Included
with Purchase of a Fine Art Giclee Paper Print


“Swift As the Wind”

Original Poem 
by Laguna Beach Artist Judith Haron
Swift as the Wind
Yet adorns a flower 
like a jewel.
In nature, it searches 
for a moment of nectar.
A breathless hue 
that elevates the soul.
Oh, to see one more 
burst into the daylight.


“Swift as the Wind,” is a original Illuminated Manuscript and poem created by Laguna Beach California conservation artist Judith Haron. It features seven of the most endangered hummingbirds of the Amazon Rainforest in concert with three endangered butterfly species. 


The artwork and poem of the same name I have expressed the color of the Amazon indigenous tribes cultural and spiritual connection to the hummingbird ! There is a story in Amazon culture of how two hummingbirds were the first married couple on Earth and we’re blessed with colorful feathers by other birds as a wedding gift!


The sun is a spiritual symbol of creation and bringing forth the gifts of Mother Earth with a wish to preserve them!


Endangered Amazon Hummingbirds:

Honduras Emerald

Pink Throated Brilliant 

Turquoise Puffleg 

Sapphire Bellied 

Royal Sungel 

Chestnut Bellied

Ruby Throated Brilliant 


Endangered Rainforest Butterflies 

Blue Morpho 

Green Longwing 

Red Nymphalid 


Rainforest Flowers:

Passion Flower with Fruit

Parrot Beak Heliconia

Tropical Honey Suckle 

Swift as the Wind - Paper Giclee Print

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